Hopi Ear Candles and Cones

Whether you are a qualified therapist planning to add Hopi Ear Candling to your suite of treatments, or you are interested in Hopi Ear Candles and want to use them safely on your family and friends, this course covers everything you need to know.

This one day course covers;-candle

  • Brief history of ear candling
  • The difference between candles and cones
  • Contra-Indication
  • Anatomy of the Ear
  • Using an otoscope to look at the ear
  • Using the Candles
  • Face, neck and head massage
  • Aftercare advice

This is an on demand course, so will be carried out to suit you and there will either be you or one other person on the course. I will bring in a model for you to work on if you are the only student on the course.

Following the course you will need to carry out 3 case study treatments and complete an assignment. The course is available as a VTCT course or you can receive a Calming Influences certificate. Please be aware some insurance companies need you to have a nationally recognised qualification. If you choose the VTCT option you will need to attend a half day assessment session, and the next one is on Saturday 9th September June, July or September.


Booking your Place

If you would like more information about this course please speak to Jackie James on 0780 5278 620, or e-mail her at Jackie@calminginfluences.com. If you would like to apply, please complete an application form and return to Calming Influences with the relevant payment.

Please note we are currently experiencing problems with our land line number which is 02380 406672. If we do not anwer, please contact us via mobile or email.