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Healthy Eating and Well Being for the Complementary Therapy Client

Your health is affected by lots of different things; your stress levels, your exercise levels, your emotional state and a really big hitter is diet. As a therapist you want to help your client to be as healthy as possible. You do this by giving them treatments, but also by giving them lifestyle and diet advice. Being successful in this will not only help you attract new clients, but retain existing clients.

This course allows you to give much better advice based on:-


A good understanding of the elements and building blocks of food


The body's requirement for different nutrients - what is a balanced diet


The effect of not eating regularly


How the body can be affected if you don't get the right nutrients


How processing and cooking affect food's nutritional values


Understanding what food labels are telling you


How to collect information about a client's diet


How to help your clients plan a healthy diet.

Please note that this course covers nutritional advice and guidance to most adults. However, those clients who are already under medical supervision, who have an eating disorder, who are severely under or over weight, who are pregnant or suffer from food severe intolerances should not be treated.

This Online Learning course is comprised of 10 modules which includes lots of information, video segments, audio segments, fact sheets and questions to test your knowledge. One new module will become available each week.

The course is assessed by completion of an Assessment Booklet which will be completed not only from the knowledge you gain on the course, but from your own research. Once your Assessment Booklet has been successfully marked, you will be issued with the a Calming Influences certificate.

You can either pay and start the course now, (create a user id and password, then select the course you need) or complete an application form and return to Calming Influences with payment.

Paper copies of this course are also available, please get in touch with us


The Easy Way to 7 a day

With the news that we should now be eating 7 portions of fruit and veg each day, not just 5, download this free handy guide which shares thoughts and recipes to help you get those 7 a day.

You can access your free download now, (create a user id and password, then select the free download).

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