Level 4 Reflexology

The Level 4 Reflexology diploma is aimed at the L3 qualified reflexologists who would like to improve their practice, and gain credit for the areas they have specialised in. Taking this course will allow you to:-

Take your consultations to the next level, including allowing you to identify "trigger points"

Make your treatment planning much more effective

Improve your Anatomy and Physiology knowledge and relate that knowledge directly to Reflexology

Learn many advanced reflexology techniques which will differentiate you from your competition


Advanced Reflexology Techniques

This unit will take your reflexology skills to the next level. It will cover both additional practical techniques and specific investigation and practice into dealing with clients dealing with a range of challenges. This module is delivered with a mixture of face to face teaching, vidoes and live Zoom calls. It will include the following:-

box Additional reflexology theories
box Reflexology Research and evidence
box Investigation into the current practice of reflexology
box Hand Reflexology research
box Auricular Reflexology
box Self Reflection
box Additional client management techniques
box Additional client aftercare techniques including breathing and visualisation
box Additional tools to help you evaluate the success of reflexology treatments

The course also requires completion of additional mandatory modules which can be completed either with Calming Influences or with other providers, and so the cost for these have not been included in the base course costs. When setting up this course, I didn't want to disadvantage reflexologists who have valid CPD qualifications, which is why I have chosen this method of pricing. The mandatory modules are:-

box Facial reflexology
box Supporting conception with reflexology
box Supporting maternity with reflexology
box Supporting palliative care or life limiting conditions with reflexology
box Foot reading and emotional interpretation of reflexes

In addition students will investigate and document one reflexology technique of their choice, which could involve attending a training course, but would as a minimum require receiving the technique from more than one practitioner.


Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

Building on the L3 anatomy and physiology, this module provides more understanding and a greater insight including the skills to critically evaluate the physiological and psychological effects of reflexology on your clients. This section of the coures is delivered using a mixture of videos and Live Zoom calls. Assessment is via a workbook - no examination required!

Interpersonal Skills

Building on the communications skills of the complementary therapist, this module also considers the emotions experienced by clients, and provides you with coping strategies to ensure the best possible communication is achieved.

What are "trigger points" and why, as a therapist it is really important that you pick up and act on them.

This module is achieved via a portfolio, role plays, peer observations and assessed observations.


Reflexology training in Southampton takes place at the QE2 Centre in Manor Farm. It is just 2 minutes from junction 8 of the M27, with plenty of free parking.


The reflexology courses are taught mainly by the principal, Jackie James (B.Sc Hons, M.A.R. )

Additional Costs

This course has been set up to provide you with the maximum amount of flexibility. To achieve this, some of the core modules have not been included in the cost. This is to take into account students who have already completed a course with Calming Influences, or another provider, or students who might wish to take a specific course to fulfil the requirements, rather than a Calming Influences course. You should factor in the cost for those mandatory modules which you wish to attend.

In addition, as part of the course, you will need to research one other advanced reflexology technique of your choosing. This may involve attending a course in that technique, but at the very least will involve visiting practitioners of the technique and experiencing the treatment yourself.

How is this course Delivered

This course is delivered by the following:-

box Live Zoom introduction to the coures
box Attendance onsite
box Student led research
box Completion of Workbooks
box Attendance on mandatory reflexology courses (or production of valid certificates plus coures analysis)
box Multi-choice test
box Online learning followed to completion of evidence booklet
box Evidence Folder
box Assessment Weekend

Starting Dates for Course

This course can be started at any time, but there are mandatory workshops during the year and assessments are carried out in July.

Booking your Place

If you would like more information about this course please speak to Jackie James on 0780 5278 620, or e-mail her at Jackie@calminginfluences.com.

If you would like to apply, complete an application form Application Form. This is in MS Word format but other formats can be provided on request. Once completed, either mail or email the form to us with the deposit or full payment to:-

Calming Influences Holistic Training School
Oakside, Pylands Lane
SO31 1BH