Save Your Thumbs - Using Reflexology Wands

Do you ever find that clients want you to work more deeply than you find comfortable? Or do you find your thumbs and fingers are a little sore at the end of the day? If so, this is the course for you.

The course teaches you how to use Reflexology Wands, as part of your reflexology treatment to increase your pressure, or just to make the treatment a little easier on your hands. Really importantly, this is still reflexology, you can still feel the reflexes, and you only use the wands for part of the treatment where they are most useful. Learn over 10 different ways of incorporating the wands within your treatment making the wands suitable for working a wide variety of reflexes and areas of the foot.

On the course we also cover foot wrapping using bamboo squares which really reduces washing compared to using towels and provides a lovely alternative way of cosseting the feet.

This FHT accredited course is suitable for qualified reflexologists and those students who are nearing the end of their course.



"I have found this course to be a life saver! I have clients that request deep pressure and without the Thai sticks I felt I was not able to give them a satisfactory treatment. I have now used the sticks on the clients and I had a message from one of them today saying he can't wait to come back for his next treatment. Success !!! Job done :-) I love the sticks and wouldn't be without them now". Karen

"I love being a reflexologist and I most definitely want to continue to provide this wonderful therapy for many years to come. However I do at times suffer from sore thumbs and sore joints in the hands which has concerned me about the longevity of my career. So when Jackie told me about this course I decided to take it. I was a little concerned that it would mean that I wouldn't be able to give a treatment in the way I wanted to but this simply isn't the case; it has meant that those areas where you need or want to give a firmer touch, you can, without the strain to your joints. My clients have enjoyed the treatments and I intend to use the sticks more and more in the future." Alex. x


This course is available as a face to face course and as a live Zoom online course. For information about dates and cost see prices page.

What to bring with you

When you attend the face to face training session, please bring a towel, blanket, pillow and LaFuma chair/other/couch as well as your lunch (fruit/biscuits and drinks will be provided), pen and paper.

If you are attending the live Zoom course, you will need a model (and access to their feet) in the afternoon.












Booking your Place

If you would like more information about this course please speak to Jackie James on 0780 5278 620, or e-mail her at

If you would like to apply, complete an application form Application Form. This is in MS Word format but other formats can be provided on request. Once completed, either mail or email the form to us with the deposit or full payment to:-

Calming Influences Holistic Training School
Oakside, Pylands Lane
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